I used to have a jewelry business. My friend, Sally, and I both loved playing with the colorful beads and creating jewelry that was fun as well as beautiful. We beaded and chatted for hours on end, sharing ideas and making plans for what we could do with our new business. After the first few months, as things shifted and we got further into it, we realized there were some formidable obstacles to deal with. Before we knew it our little business was a thing of the past.

Life is like that, sometimes. Things can seem so right, so good, so perfect that we can’t believe they won’t last. Most things don’t, though. I have learned to trust that when something loses energy despite my best efforts to keep it going there is something coming that will more than fill that space. Something I can’t begin to fathom when I am looking at what I feel has been lost.

A few short months after our beading business dissolved I discovered hoop dance. And that is another story for another day. Suffice it to say, my short-lived beading business experience reminded me how to dream a more interesting dream for myself than I otherwise would have done and opened my heart and mind to new possibilities. The most empowering thing I have learned is the importance of letting go allowing Life to open my eyes to something they couldn’t have imagined while I was hanging on to what was.

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