Today, New Year’s Day, I find myself looking back as well as forward. 2012 arrives full of unanswered questions and glimmering potentials. Who am I today? What do I want for my tomorrow? What am I done with? What calls my name now?

As I stand at this cross roads I see that there is no getting around it. Whatever I choose will mean saying good-bye to something that has meant a great deal to me. Choosing is as much about saying, “I’m out,” as it is about saying, “I’m in!” Every ‘yes’ contains countless ‘no’s’ that make it possible.

I’ve been riding the fence between ‘in’ and ‘out’ for years now. Clearly, those days are over. It’s time to commit… time to let go of the safety rail and trust the balance and strength I’ve spent a lifetime cultivating. Today I have the opportunity to use what I know in a meaningful way. Am I willing to step into this moment?


  1. Gerri Bettencourt

    I have read all of your current blogs off of the link connected to the Hoop Girls ‘licensed instructors’ link. You are so inspirational. I see a lot of “me” in your writings and am excited to jump into the world of hooping. I’ve bought the beginner package on Hoop Girls and am anxiously waiting for it to arrive. In the meantime, I’m signing up for a hoop class with Brenda Major (also a licensed instructor) who teaches classes in Redwood City due to the fact that she is the closest instructor to where I live. I want you to know that your beauty definitely shines through in your writings and I highly encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts with all of us other ‘goddesses’ so that we can continued to be inspired to be the best that we can be in this hectic life we live in. Hopefully, one day we will meet. Thank you again…….Sincerely, an inspired beginner to hooping, Gerri

  2. Jodi

    Thank you, Gerri! Blogging is kind of a weird thing, sometimes. I never know if anyone is actually reading what I’ve put out there. It’s wonderful knowing that I have touched someone’s life with those things that inspire me and that they are carrying that inspiration into life-changing action. I hope to meet you, too, one of these days, Gerri. Your words have inspired me to get back to sharing more of this rich and rewarding journey that is life.

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