In a visualization exercise today, when prompted to let my heart show me it’s true desire, a riot of colors burst into my mind. Vibrant springtime magic splashed playfully across ruffles and waves on what looked like skirts, sashes and scarves.

It wasn’t until I was looking through my pictures just now, looking for one that felt right to post that I recognized those same colors in this exotic-looking daisy that grows audaciously in my backyard. Everyone knows that bright yellow and green don’t go with soft lavender, and yet, here is Mother Nature thumbing her nose at all of those color rules with her joyful creation. Like this flower, my vision was the stuff of a Mardi Gras-worthy celebration! Don’t be shy, it seemed to be saying, life is for living and there is much to celebrate!

I’ve been inspired by flowers forever. I have taken thousands of flower pictures over the years and can get lost for hours looking at them and doing my best to catch the magnificence my eye sees through the lens of the camera. I always see something new in the beauty of their intricate designs, colors and the way the light changes their faces. It used to be the potted plants on my balcony that I photographed or the flowers I encountered as I walked through my neighborhood. Now I have a heavenly yard full of trees and flowers of all kinds of varieties. Now, in the midst of spring, there is an impossible explosion of color everywhere I look. It’s like Christmas in May in my world. And I am grateful beyond measure for the bounty of beauty that awaits me every time I look out a window or step outside.

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