Today I Choose…

Today I choose to right myself. Today I feel my balance returning after the topsy-turvy rung bell feeling of the past few days.

Life feels a little crazy sometimes. I’ve been exposed to new situations and different people and the challenges they face. Their world is not mine and I am shocked by what they know as normal. Not shocked in a judgmental, ‘I’m better than you’ way. It’s been more that I cannot fathom how they endure the weight of some of their experiences.

And though I didn’t know what to say to any of them, I chose to stay in the moment with the woman who is grieving the suicide of her son, the sixteen-year-old girl who lives in a group foster home and is pregnant, the news that my honey’s business may yet become a casualty in this insane political climate.

And I am here now choosing to embrace Life. Choosing to breathe in Love and keep my heart open and spread my arms wide to embrace whatever comes my way. These past few days I had more than a few opportunities to be there for others, to listen, to offer my time, to offer a hug and let them know I’m here. I don’t have your answers, I can’t solve your problems but I am here. And I hear you. And I see you. And it’s okay for you to feel whatever you are feeling.

I took this picture on a flight from Denver, where I’d attended a weekend workshop on recognizing and activating your Passion, back to the Bay Area in June 2008. Recent California fires had turned the clear blue sky, miles above the clouds, a hazy, burnished brown and the sun flourescent orangy-red. Being fully alive and connected to one’s passion, to me, means not just choosing to do the things that thrill and excite me but choosing to allow Life touch me and move me and work through me. That’s when the real magic happens.

And Now You Write

*And how ironic is it that Julie Jordan Scott’s business when I first met her was called 5 Passions. And igniting and encouraging Passion in those around her is one of her claims to fame. Here’s to you, Julie!